Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet Steve

This is my pet bearded dragon. Has absolutely nothing to do with anything I have written about other than the fact it's as weird as I am.  :-)
I don't know what's the deal with her legs but she is always chilling in the strangest positions. And she has a very fun personality.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

T shirt

From the skin to clothing.... I had my first order for a t shirt, and this was a first try. A guy I work with asked for a pink and white "I love my girlfriend" shirt. So I did some research on graphics and came up with this. I'm happy with my first try

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Under the Sea

So I have been wanting to do something with fish and mermaids. But I'm So impatient that I start other things over the stuff I'm waiting to fade. This time I only have a small out of place design and a bunch of water insanity growing over my arm. *Shaking my head with a smile*
Here are some photos as it grows

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fading Ink by Cheran

So I officially have a name! Now I'm working on a logo and business cards. I already got my email up and running, just trying to keep everything in order and do things right. Here is the idea I have So far on the logo.
I'll be refining it's look on the computer before I add it to the business cards and what not, but very excited!


I love drawings floral patterns and filigree with henna. It's very traditional, but I like giving it a more temporary look. I have been incorporating some Polynesian designs to my own and have been very happy with the results. Of coarse with my own arm being the pallet most accessible and willing I tend to cover the left arm giving it the illusion that I am in the process of some elaborate tattoo. I guess in a way that's true. I am always a work in process and tattoo, yes, but only temporary.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Well with me being my most willing and available volunteer, I find myself having a hard time not decorating more areas of myself with henna. It's a bit easy to go overboard. I had a lovely plumeria, hybiscus, and Hawaiian tribal on my outside forearm and "needed" more. So I designed the cute little fishes to swim up and down my hand and finger. Henna tends to go on nice and dark on my hands, but because I am constantly washing them, it fade a lot faster there also. So tonight they were nothing but a super light shadow. So I was going to wait on another idea before I would start again.... Yea, I sixty last the night. Now I have more plumeria on my wrist. I'm hopeless, but at least I'm having fun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Henna here henna there henna everywhere!

I have been doodling on everyone including myself lately. I love the fact that my victims (lol) are enjoying it as much as I do.
As much as I like traditional henna designs, I like not limiting it to patterns.